Welcome To Akiva

Welcome to Akiva.  Allow us to introduce you to our school…

We believe in, promote, and expect academic excellence in our General Studies and Jewish Studies curriculum.  Our educational program incorporates the best of what students need to know for future success and, more importantly, what they can do with that knowledge.  We believe it’s not enough to learn facts, concepts, vocabulary, and ideas— we expect our student to use that knowledge for solving problems, refining ideas, and communicating effectively through rich and meaningful projects!

To this end, we combine academic content (humanities, STEM, the arts, Jewish Studies) with successful dispositions of learning:  being curious and asking questions, critical thinking, making hypotheses, testing ideas, and revision.  Our children are not afraid to take risks; they know that this leads to real learning.  This defines our way of doing education at Akiva!

We provide a nurturing, caring, values-base environment in which to learn.  Each child at Akiva feels important and valued.  They learn to extend this feeling to the other children in the school, to their teachers, and to their families.  We promote and teach leadership.  No matter where our Akiva children go for middle school, we hear about how they “stand out from the crowd,” and become natural leaders.

The cornerstone of our education is exemplified in the character education and values we teach and of course, a love of learning.  And we do it in two languages… Hebrew and English, every day, of every grade, from the very first day of the school year.

We are a diverse Jewish student body.  Our children come to us from all of the synagogues in Nashville (Chabad, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform) as well as drawing in Jewish families who are unaffiliated.  We represent 21 zip codes, 6 counties, and a multitude of states and countries.  And what is the outcome of this diversity? We learn to work together, learn new ways of doing things, and depend on each other’s areas of strength.  We explore all of the ways we celebrate our heritage, our customs, holidays, and traditions.  Our children are well-versed in the prayers we have in common and can easily “fit” into any service; anywhere in the world!

We know you will see yourself at Akiva; we have a place for you!