The Observer Letter to the Editor – July 2015

To my Nashville Jewish community,

Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of serving as the head of school for Akiva. Friday, May 29 marked the end of the school year, my first at Akiva. It seems to have flown by!

We have accomplished much: a 30 percent increase in enrollment; almost 100 percent of our families returning (one family, sadly, is moving); and the retention of almost all of our amazing staff (only two members leaving as they move on to new beginnings in new cities). The children of Akiva and I have many people to thank, for it truly has taken a village to make this kind of progress.

I personally want to thank Akiva’s board of directors, who came together and worked tirelessly as a high functioning team and moved us forward in a positive manner, always challenging and motivating. Our faculty is one-of-a-kind (in a good way), which I know and recognize after so many years in so many schools. The caliber of this educational team is any school leader’s dream come true! Many thanks go to our Jewish infrastructure: the rabbis and their staffs, the Gordon Jewish Community Center staff and the whole team from Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee and Jewish Family Services. In addition, we thank our alumnae, our fundraisers, our founders, our many new and on-going donors, our volunteers and Nashville’s three Jewish preschools that have been willing and eager to promote Akiva at every opportunity.

But the individuals who deserve the biggest “thank you” are our enrolled families. These families put their faith in the school and in me this year. We didn’t always agree, but we always reached solutions and decisions together. They stood with Akiva from the rocky beginning of the year, through the trial and error middle, all the way to the end of a very successful year. Our families have been great partners, advisors, and promoters for both the school and for me. I am most grateful for their generous gifts of faith, hard work, determination, and–most importantly—for our partnership.

With this kind of continued support, the future of Akiva School is bright!

Lynn Heady
Head of School