Akiva 2020

Akiva is strong, vibrant and growing. With outstanding visionary leadership, and large scale community support, we are prepared to achieve the next phase of growth and success. We will fulfill the 2020 vision without losing sight of Akiva’s existing mission of pursuing excellence, fostering critical inquiry, and inspiring informed Jewish living.
By the year 2020 Akiva will be:

  • A strong, vibrant school of unparalleled academic excellence
  • The school of choice for all Jewish children in Nashville
  • A trusted resource and partner for Nashville’s Jewish, academic and business communities
  • Accessible, welcoming, and relevant to every Jewish child in Nashville

Committee Updates


A marketing firm has been selected to help Akiva launch a campaign leading to a more prestigious brand for the school.  The campaign will increase access to opinion leaders in our community, promote our academic successes, and establish partnerships with business, academic, and religious institutions. The firm will also help us improve our website and promotional materials.  This will be a multi-phase approach with phase one beginning in February.

To support these efforts a large scale alumni initiative is underway.  Under the guidance of Evelyn Koch, Karen Weil ’73, and Lana Pargh ’97, Akiva is attempting to create a database of every person that has attended Akiva.  We are hoping to be able to reconnect with our alumni in an effort to build meaningful partnerships. Please help support these efforts by forwarding any alumni contact information you may have to one of these terrific volunteers, or to the Akiva office. 


We have ended our initial recruitment season and it’s been a very successful endeavor.  Our Recruitment Committee, under Hillary Kaplan’s leadership working with Christina Evans, has worked hard to stimulate a list of potential families and shared information with them about our school.  As of today, these efforts have produced 23 applicants for next year—-15 for kindergarten and the remainder scattered from 1st through 5th grade.  The exciting part is that last year at this time, we had 10 applications—all but 1 applying for Kindergarten.  The even more exciting part is that the bulk of applications, as per last year, have come in from May to July—relocation time!


Our deepest appreciation to those of you who have already made your generous contribution to the 2015/16 Akiva Annual Campaign! Now that the Federation Annual Campaign has kicked off, we, at Akiva, will be in a “quiet period” campaign-wise. We will be in touch with those who still want to contribute shortly after March 1stPlease show your support to the Federation.  The entire Nashville Jewish community depends on their generosity.